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DOA5 demo difficulties

Trying to to get my hands on the Dead or Alive 5 demo has proven to be a pain in the ass. Sometimes I really hate not living in the USA or Canada... I'm having a serious problem understanding what the hell I need to buy in order to get the demo. Every site I visit has different info. Some say the regular version comes with two characters on each console and others say they come with nothing and I need to buy the big box with the figurines. Personally, I want the Collector's Edition but since Gamestop is crap, it does not allow me to pre-order the game with an American credit card only because the billing address is in my country (even though the shipping one is an APO/FPO inside the US). That's fucking retarded and frustrating since that version of the game will not be available in (website that NEVER gives me trouble to pay for my stuff).

I wouldn't mind having to buy the regular version twice (one for each console) to be able to play with the four characters and pay $120. But doesn't have any info on whether the demo comes as a pre-order bonus or not. So I really have no idea what to do. If it weren't for the DOA5 demo, I'd just buy a regular version of NG3 since I like the franchise a lot but not as to preorder it 2 months before it comes out...

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