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Final Fantasy XIII playthrough update (spoilers)

I've been playing a lot of FFXIII in the weekend. I'm currently at the point where Sazh gets his Eidolon after finding out Vanille was to blame for his son being a l´Cie. I'm truly in awe at this game, it's amazing. Simple gameplay but the graphics, story, music, voices and characters are way better than most of the games in this generation.

Of course, that is just my opinion. But my experiences with the JRPG genre and the others make me think that I'm right when I say the game is good. The hate it originally got when it came out was just something that was popular, like everyone was "oh hey let's all hate Final Fantasy!". And I truly think that's extremely retarded.

Choosing to play FF13 again was the best choice now that XIII-2 is about to come out and since the terminology and story are a bit complicated to understand, I'll now be able to enjoy the second game even more. I'm even thinking about writing an article defending the whole FFXIII game and comparing it to other titles in the genre to prove that it is superior to most of them. But I'll finish it first.

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