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Game Boy Advance games future playthroughs

As a 3DS Ambassador, I was one of the many who got the 10 free GBA games for the Nintendo 3DS. Unlike the NES ones we got back in September, these ones are actually very cool. I'm especially happy about Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Metroid Fusion, Fire Emblem and WarioWare which I never got back in the consoles original years. I do own physical copies of Minish Cap and Mario Kart Advance but it's still very cool to own them for the 3DS.

From what I've seen and read, many of these games are actually quite long and still look good enough to not feel dated and unplayable, like it happens with some of the NES titles like the two Zeldas which I used to love but can't play now because I feel they both dated horribly.

So, among my plans is to actually finish Kirby and the Amazing Mirror and Metroid Fusion. Both seem to have really HUGE maps and completing them 100% takes some time as far as I'm concerned. I did finish Minish Cap once back in the day but I'd like to replay it again once I'm done with Skyward Sword's Hero Mode and play another run of Majora's Mask which I've been wanting to do for the last couple years.

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