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Happy 15th Birthday (in Japan) Final Fantasy VII!

Today marks the 15th year of the release of Final Fantasy VII in Japan. Considered by many (including myself) one of the best video games ever made, FF7 has been the causes of countless debates and discussions about whether the game is overrated or not. I personally do think it stands among the best in the entire industry. I played the game very late, about three years after it came out because I only had a N64 so I was only able to enjoy it (along with FF8 and 9) after I got a PS2 in Christmas 2000/2001. 

And even though I was already playing much newer and better-looking games like Perfect Dark, Majora's Mask and Banjo-Tooie. I was literally blown away by Final Fantasy VII and I fell in love with it. The characters, story, narrative, music and battle systems were simply incredible and trust me when I say that I even like the old-school graphics a lot. For me, Final Fantasy VII definitely sits in the throne among the most valuable games in history. 

When rumors about a PS3 remake start to pop out, I wonder if we really need one. If the decision was on me and only me, I'd choose yes, but I'd only make very little changes to the gameplay like being able to see your two companions when walking around the places or a "dynamic camera" inside the battles like the one in FFXIII and XIII-2. I'd also make Vincent and Yuffie join the party no matter what and better their personal stories. But other than that, I'd pretty much leave the battle system, story and progress of the player untouched. 

But when I see Square-Enix commenting about not being able to make a good FFVII remake because they don't have time, I support them. I mean, If the remake is going to be a rushed mess, then don't make it and SE already has too many plans like Versus XIII, Kingdom Hearts 3 (they are working on KH3 trust me) and other games so a FF7 remakes seems like a no-go.

If for any reason at all, you haven't played Final Fantasy VII. DO IT NOW! If you manage to look beyond the dated graphics (which are obvious, it is an early-PS1 game), you'll find one of the best characters, story, environments, narrative, music and battle systems ever created. If it's hard to find a physical copy of the original game, you can buy it for 9.99$ (now 4.99) in the PlayStation Store. Don't listen to the stupid haters, FF7 is one of the best games ever and you should definitely try it out.

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