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I'm still here!

I've been having some serious internet connection problems at home so I haven't been able to post anything from the last days. I've been playing a little of everything and I think the most important things are that I finished the main mode of Kirby with 100% and I finished the story in Super Mario 3D Land. Now I'm aiming to fully complete both games before reviewing them during the week. 

I bought a bootleg version of the Lineage II Elf today at a very sweet price and though the original looks much better (from the internet pics of course), I gotta say that the Chinese copy is very pretty as well. Once my internet goes back to normal I'll post some pics of her along my other figures I wanted to post.

Finally, I started watching the Queen's Blade Utsukushiki OVAs and they're pretty cool. I've just watched three of the six and I liked them a lot, just like with the series' normal two seasons. I'll also write a little something about it once I'm done. So don't think that I'm gone or anything, there's a lot of content coming in the following weeks.

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