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Lineage II Elf bootleg photos

This is a group of pics I took to my bootleg version of the Lineage II Elf at my garden. As I mentioned in a previous post, I got her at a local market with a stand where a Chinese family sells a huge lot of stuff from geeky things to common decoration. Even though I did order the original pink-haired version from, I couldn't help but get this one as well given the insane price she was at. 

Though it's just a copy of the real thing, I think she's very pretty. There are a lot of mistakes in several parts of the figure like the chest section that can be taken out, the eyes which are bigger than the ones in the real figure, parts of her jacket and shirt and her white heeled sandals which aren't as detailed and pretty as the original one. But still, she looks very cool and for people out there refusing to pay the ridiculous 200$ of the blonde version, this one gets the job done. 

Unlike the original, the clothes on this bootleg can't be taken out. The skirt seems to be removable but I didn't want to force it in case she broke. The jacket can't be taken off either even though the head, both arms and chest are removable like in the Orchid Seed version.

Once the pink-haired gets here I'll try to take the same pics to compare them and then sell the Chinese bootleg one. Enjoy:

And THESE following ones were taken with my iPhone:

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