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Lineage II Elf coming!

If I were a Lineage II player and read this post, I'd be mad and trust me when I say I totally understand but I couldn't help but admire this figure from the moment I stumbled upon it on the web. I remember mentioning it before, the light elf figure is really beautiful, detailed and has gotten a lot of fame among figure collectors like me all over the internet.

She stayed quietly in my wishlist for a year or so waiting to catch one at a decent price, given that all the ones I found in there and Ebay were 180$+ but then I read somewhere that there are actually two versions of it: one blond and the other pink-haired. The second one is actually much cheaper and when I found it in Amazon, it was less than half the price of the blond one. So, after looking at the pics I decided that the pink-haired one was just as pretty and ordered it.

They both look the same except for the hair color and I think the staff which looks different from the blonde one. Also, the size seems to be about the same as a normal Bome, I thought it was going to be big, because of the high prices but I suppose those are just a consequence of the rarity of it. I have an empty spot ready for her to be exposed next to a Kasumi, the Bunny Girl and Menace. 

Take a look at two pics from the Amazon page:

Once she gets here (which will take several weeks), I will of course take pics of it and detail her a little like I always do with my new figures. Which reminds me that I haven't posted the gallery of photos I took of my Halo Reach Kais. Oh well, guess I'll upload those some other time.

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