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Mario Kart 7 is extremely broken...

This is my first post of 2012, a new year is upon us, hope everything it brings will be good.

But this entry is about Mario Kart 7. I actually like the game a lot, it is very pretty but I'm starting to get pissed at it. The gameplay is simply way too broken, feels like playing a Capcom fighter on karts. I know this is nothing new since it has been like that since the Gamecube days but I really hate it when games give prizes and power-ups to the losing players like the X-factor getting more powerful if you're losing in MvC3 or this case, where you get better items if you're losing the race. 

I have no trouble driving and usually just travel around the tracks with ease using the boost you gain by drifting but as soon as I reach 1st. I get bombarded with Red and Blue Shells, Thunderbolts and the stupid squid who spits ink at the screen and all that results in me losing places in the last sections of the last lap.

I've always been kinda kinda good in racing games and usually have no trouble with them but the Mario Kart issue is starting to get on my nerves. I of course play the game in 150cc always because I want to unlock all the characters and karts. I really can't understand who some people actually prefer to play this mess rather than a real racing game.

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