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After posting the gallery of pics for the Elf. I decided to organize them a little more so I created a new tab in the upper side of the blog exclusively to post links to my entries with figure collecting in them. Galleries of photos specifically. Now, the Anime and Figures sections will be separated so people will be able to find exactly what they're looking for more easily that way. Just like with gaming reviews, the Anime and Figures section now have pictures with links to their related articles and posts. I hope everyone out there finds them useful. 

Besides that, I'm thinking about renaming the "Gaming music and videos" and "Video Game News" tabs in shorter ways to allow for more space in case I decide to create a new tab in the future for something else without having to see a third line of tabs up there. I should definitely not pay attention to non-important stuff like this but I want the site to look as organized as possible.

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