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Plans for short-term reviews

As you can see, Code Geass is over and its review is uploaded. I loved the series, it had a great story-telling, characters and ending, I'm really glad to have finished watching it because it was worth it, read my review for it for the details on what I liked the most about it. 

Now that that is out of the way, I can finally focus on some reviews I've been wanting to do for some of the games I got this Christmas, the first one will be for Black Ops, I finished the game and played enough of the Zombies and multiplayer modes to elaborate a good article for it. If everything goes OK, I should have it ready during the weekend. Then I'll go with Mario Kart 7 next week and in the following two, I'd review Super Mario 3D Land and Kirby's Return to Dream Land. 

That would give me four games to review for the rest of January, which seems more than enough. Then I'd finally start to focus on my huge backlog making my best effort to keep myself organized with two games at the same time, I'd have to try and post which ones I would start with or something. For example: Bioshock 2 and Star Ocean 4 or Eternal Sonata with God of War III. 

Anyway, I got the important gaming articles for January planned, once those are done, I'll focus as much as my university and girlfriend allow me on finishing my other games, which I'd review as well of course. So keep reading me and follow on Twitter.

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