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Project Diva 2nd in my hands!

If you are a gamer or otaku or simply a geek in general you'll definitely know who Hatsune Miku is. She is the "leader" of a J-pop group that has gained an insane fame in Japan and the entire world because of some PSP and Arcade games called Project Diva. Sadly, the games are only available in Japan and importing a copy to Latin America is extremely expensive. To the point that it costs more than buying a collectors' edition of a new game like Skyrim or Final Fantasy XIII-2

For over a year, I've had the demo I downloaded from the Japanese PlayStation Store in my PSP 3000 and I really like it but after seeing that I would never import a copy of the game, I decided to grab my old PSP 1000 and pirate it. So I asked a buddy for the favor and he helped me with it and now I have a pirated Project Diva 2nd and I'm really happy with it.

It's a very cool music game where you select a song from the group called Vocaloid and try to press the buttons when the game asks you to. It has several difficulty levels and cool things to do like beat a target time, unlock secret characters and clothes for them and even decorate the room of Miku, the famous green-haired anime girl.

It looks very cool and has excellent animations. The songs are very catchy for the most part and sound very good even if you're not a J-pop fan. It's a game with simple mechanics and gameplay as almost every other music game but this one is really charming so I truly recommend it. I'll eventually be reviewing the game but I won't put a deadline date to it because it's a game I'll probably take a few weeks to complete and analyze. The demo is available at the Japanese PSN as I mentioned and the full game can either be pirated easily or imported through sites like Amazon, eBay or Play-Asia.

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