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Tekken 6 Limited Edition pics and first impressions

Today I was waking around one of the local malls with my parents and my dad offered to buy me this limited edition set for Tekken 6 for the Xbox 360. It comes with an art book and a Hori arcade stick. Even though I've always hated the series, especially since I started playing DOA back in 2001 I said yes because that's what he wanted to give me and saying "buy me this one instead" would have been rude on my part, so I took the thing.

I played the game with the stick, which works perfectly and is wireless, unlike the DOA4 one. The game is OK to be honest but Tekken is not doing what Call of Duty just did. This game is vastly inferior to all the fighting games I've played in my life, except the Capcom ones. It really looks very deep and complete with many moves available per character and a pretty cool variety of them. But the graphics and PS1-era animations make the game look bad in my opinion. 

Tekken 6 is a 2009 game. That makes it much more recent than VF5 and DOA4 but still, the game doesn't look as good as those. It is pretty, but nowhere near the graphical powers of the others, it is ironic because even though I'm a big fan, DOA4 is looking very dated for me but when I fought in the "water stage" in Tekken 6 and the water looked horrible I couldn't help but think about the beautiful river below the wooden bridge in the DOA4 stage. 

I liked it, it is pretty but I'm not gonna say "it's actually very good" because it is not what I really think. I'd rather play Tekken 6 than UMVC3 or Street Fighter 4 so I'll spend some time with it and even try the online. At least it will remind me of those innocent times of my life when I was still playing Tekken 2 and 3 and didn't know DOA existed, heh. Take a look at the pics:

The game case.

The Limited Edition box. It's very big, my mom thought it was a new console!

Box with arcade stick and the art book.

Arcade stick with the art book.

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