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Dead or Alive 5 button configuration revealed!

A little while ago, my buddies at got this pic showing the default button configuration for the alpha demo of Dead or Alive 5. As you can see, it shows both consoles and it doesn't seem to change much. One of the new things is the "Powe Blow" which we all assume are the flashy ultras Busa and Hayate did in the trailers and they need to be charged. 

The hold system seems to have been changed back to three-way like in DOA2, 3 and Dimensions. But there are new "advanced holds" to counter mid punches and kick and all the characters will have them. Finally, DOA5 is implementing the sidestep system seen in Virtua Fghter 5 where all fighters are able to dodge attacks if they press up or down twice to move horizontally and get out of the way. This is definitely good news.

The demo will be available on March 20th for  us who preordered Ninja Gaiden 3 from either or Gamestop. I personally am sure about getting Hayate and Ayane but will still try my best to get my hands on Hayabusa and Hitomi from anyone I know with an extra code.

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