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The Final Fantasy project plan

Over the last weeks, I've had this long-term project in my mind. I want to replay all the mothership Final Fantasy games, from I to XIV, including X-2 and XIII-2. I want to organize the stuff as better as possible with a set schedule of which games to try first because I might not play them in order (though I want to). As anyone who reads me knows, I'm currently on XIII, and as soon as that's finished, I'll go to XIII-2 which might take several weeks to fully complete. But then I'd start with this project. 

I'd most likely go with a home-console version of each game because I just don't seem to have the patience to play long games in portable devices. So I'm thinking about either purchasing the old PS1 games in physical form from Amazon (Origins, Anthology and Chronicles would give me I, II, IV, V and VI) or simply buy them in digital form from the PlayStation Store or Virtual Console. 

I say that because I own many of the games in portable devices and would really like to be able to simply sit on my bed or couch and play them as they're supposed to. Right now I have them as follows:

- Final Fantasy / GBA
- Final Fantasy II / GBA
- Final Fantasy III / DS
- Final Fantasy IV / SNES, GBA, DS
- Final Fantasy V / GBA
- Final Fantasy VI / GBA, Wii's Virtual Console
- Final Fantasy VII / PSX, PSN
- Final Fantasy VIII / PSX
- Final Fantasy IX / PSX
- Final Fantasy X / PS2
- Final Fantasy X-2 / PS2
- Final Fantasy XI / PC, Xbox 360
- Final Fantasy XII / PS2
- Final Fantasy XIII / PS3
- Final Fantasy XIII-2 / PS3 (soon to arrive)
- Final Fantasy XIV / (will purchase soon on PC)

As seen, several of the 2D games are only available for me in portable forms, so I'd have to invest a little to have their home-console versions. Several of the games can't be done anything about like FFIII which is only available for the DS and iOS so I'd just replay the DS version and FFXIV which would require me to build a PC for it but I already have plans to buy a new computer with my dad so that should not be a problem. Besides that's the last game in the list.

Also, FFXI would only be played for about a month, I'm sure I can find a working code for a free month of PlayOnline and would just create a new character and try my hand at it again after more than 4 years without playing it. 

For each of the games that I play, I'd write a review or opinion article analyzing it. So, if everything goes according to plan, I should be starting FFI on early-March and the project would be a go from then.

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