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Final Fantasy XIII and Skyrim updates

In the last days I've been REALLY hooked into Skyrim and FFXIII. On the first game, I'm currently level 15 with the same character I started the game with. A High Elf using only magic. It's awesome, I just can't describe the great spells the game has now. I'm starting to use Adept-level spells for Destruction and Conjuration and I'm starting to focus a little more on Restoration, Illusion and Alteration to see what else they offer. 

I got the opportunity to join the Thieves Guild but refused it because I want to do that quest line with a Khajiit since I've never used the tiger-like creatures in an Elder Scrolls game before. So I'm focusing on the Mages College and random quests I get on the towns. I'll most likely join the Imperial Legion and Dark Brotherhood with this same character and do the Stormcloak and Companion quests with a Red Guard or Dunmer I also want to create. As I mentioned, I'm really pleased with the game though many of the things are mediocre at best, like the dragon's animations.

The world itself is huge and with tons of stuff scattered around so I can easily estimate that each of my characters will get dozens of hours of gameplay. I'm starting to get to fight with harder wild animals like bears and sabrecats but I'm handling them thanks to the help of my conjured atronachs and followers. I'll keep my experiences with the game updated as I advance more through it.

In FFXIII, I'm almost done with Taejin's Tower, trying my best to keep the characters as leveled up as possible without stopping to grind at the same time. I'm using everyone so no fixed party like last time, I'm really liking Hope this time, he's an EXCELLENT Ravager and Medic. Sazh is useful because he can cast Haste and offensive buffs as a Synergist but as a Commando and Ravager he sucks badly.

My copy of XIII-2 should be here in about a week or so, I need to try and hurry up with my playthrough of XIII without rushing it to avoid getting to the end underleveled. I kinda want to do the Cie'th Stone Missions again but I'll think I'll have to pass. Too many other games to play.

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