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Final Fantasy XIII second playthrough over!

I just finished Final Fantasy XIII for the second time. I'm really happy about having played this game again, it's incredible, fantastic, spectacular. I can't really understand why it got so much hate from the ignorant and inferior masses. But oh well, nothing's perfect.

I didn't have any trouble going through the last areas of the game, I thought I was underleveled but I managed to become victorious using great Paradigms with Saboteurs and Synergists in them. I won the three final battles with Lightning, Hope and Vanille. Would like to try again with a party with Snow in it since I like the guy a lot. Now I really feel ready to start XIII-2 as I'm supposed to, with XIII's storyline and gameplay mechanics completely fresh.

In fact, I recently saw a joke image on the internet about we gamers feeling our lives "empty" when we finish an awesome game. That's exactly how I feel about FFXIII right now, if it weren't for XIII-2's soon arrival, I'd definitely just start a new run of it or try and complete all 64 Cie'th stone missions again.

If for any ilogical reason, you own a PS3 or Xbox 360 and haven't bought or played this game, stop whatever inferior crap you're playing and buy Final Fantasy XIII. If you are a true good gamer, you won't regret it. I totally recommend this game, It's definitely in the Top 10 of this generation.

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