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More Skyrim progress

Now that I'm back, I've spent the last two days really glued to Skyrim, to the point that I haven't played any FFXIII-2. I'm still playing with my first character, a High Elf focusing solely on magical skills. Today I reached expert-level in Destruction and Conjuration so I'm now able to conjure Dremora Lords and Storm Atronachs as well as deal huge amounts of damage with shock, frost and fire spells. 

I managed to find a great balance to level up the five schools of magic so Alteration and Illusion are now really useful to me, which is great because I hated them at first. I also feel that I should have a bigger Restoration skill but that school levels up way too slowly.

So, my plans for the High Elf are to finish the main quest and the Dark Brotherhood with him and then I'll create another character (I want a Khajiit) to play the Companionship, the Stormcloak side of the civil war (because I joined the imperials with the Altmer) and the Thieves Guild. After that, who knows? I'll probably even play a third character.

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