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My next reviews

It's been around three weeks or more since I wrote my last game review (Super Mario 3D Land). I've really been wanting to review Mario Kart 7 but I just don't like the game enough as to pick it up again and unlock the rest of the content and reviewing it without having played those seems unfair. But I guess I'll just have to do it during the next days since I'll be free from college. Another game I definitely want to write about is Project Diva 2. I have it pirated for my old PSP 1000 and it's a blast. I'll try to write a good review for it this same month. It'll hopefully bring more readers to the site.

But the most important short-term reviews I'll be writing are definitely Skyrim, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Modern Warfare 3. I still have to play MW2 but I don't think that'll take much since Call of Duty games are not very long. I'm already into Skyrim but still don't feel like to write a review since I haven't seen many important part of the game and I don't even own FFXIII-2 yet.

So, the reviews will continue. Stay tuned.

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