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PHOTOSET: Lineage II Elf second edition

Ok so the Lineage II Elf is finally here, she's very pretty, definitely one of the best figures that I own (and the most expensive...). I took a little set of pics to her to share them here. There are many galleries out there but they usually show the blonde version (first edition), so here goes a small one of the second edition, or pink haired Elf. She comes with two different weapons than the blonde one. One looks like a mace of some sort and the other like a small staff or wand. The thing is that she looks beautiful with either equipment. 

When I compare her to the bootleg, the changes are huge. First of, the skin is much more white in the original. The bootleg has a normal skin color, which looks nice but the original is more pale or whitey. In my opinion, that skin color makes her look more elf-like or magician. Second, the hair is much more better done in the original. The bootleg has a weird brightness on her hair that doesn't look very nice when there's much light in the room. 

Besides that, her jacket and skirt have many more details. And they're completely removable. (The bootleg's skirt can be taken off but not the jacket, at least in MY figure) though it's a bit difficult to do so and since she's so expensive I won't be handling her equipment very much in case something breaks. Her eyes are smaller and look much more natural and pretty, same with the lips. The hands and arms are almost perfectly detailed and her bracelets are well painted, the bootleg has small inconsistencies here, same with the golden things below her  knees. And finally, the feet on the original are much more prettier and detailed.

So, it's an awesome figure that looks excellent no matter if you're a fan of the game or not. This is the proof that the Japanese are one of the best at making figures, she has a lot of details and even the pose is beautiful. Personally, I put her besides some Halo, Spawn and Final Fantasy figures and she looks fantastic there. I recommend buying the second edition because it goes for half the price than the blonde one and the only real difference I can see is the hair color which looks better in pink in my personal opinion. Enjoy!

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