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PSN Final Fantasy games purchased

I got a couple of 20$ PSN cards for an incredible price from some friends so I spent them in a few of the Final Fantasy titles available in the PlayStation Store. I got Origins which includes I and II, FFV, FFVI and FFIX. I still want to buy FFVIII but I'll leave that one for the near future. I also have the Virtual Console version of FFVI but I wanted to have it available on my PS3/PSP so there.

I also have the PSP versions of FFI, II and IV (complete collection) in my Amazon wishlist to see if I order them soon. The three games bundled are for 39.99$ so it's an excellent price. That'd leave me perfectly ready for my run of the entire franchise I want to do during 2012. 

With luck, my collector's edition copy of XIII-2 will arrive either tomorrow or Wednesday. I'll post the pics once it gets here.

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