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Skyrim Collector's Edition photos

As I promised last night, here are a bunch of random pics of the Skyrim Collector's Edition set I got yesterday and its contents:

This is the art book the game comes with, it has a lot of excellent drawings of the characters, races, classes, items and locations with brief explanations of each. Definitely a must-have for any Elder Scrolls fan.

Here is the HUGE figure of the dragon in the game, it is actually a special kind of dragon and the story seems to revolve around it somehow, the name is around the manual and the art book but I really don't remember it and I'm lazy to go find out. The figure itself is excellent and very imposing, it's sitting among my Halo Reach Kais right now and it looks great, the shitty part is that it's way too big and not easy to put in some places, though the size might be considered a great thing as well.

This is the game case, though it's the PS3 version, the box is presented in the regular size like a normal DVD, Xbox 360 or Wii game. It comes with a second disc with some bonus content, a great poster with a map of the game's world (like Morrowind and Oblivion before it) and of course, the game itself.

And finally a couple more pics, one of the dragon figure and another of the box where everything came, notice the size of it next to a bunch of figure blisters on top of it.

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