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Skyrim in my hands!

My Collector's Edition copy of Skyrim finally arrived and it is really awesome and HUGE as fuck. It comes with a beautiful artbook, a great figure of a dragon sitting on some rocks and the boxing for the game itself is different from the usual PS3 packaging. All of that inside a cool (and very big) box. I'll be taking some pictures tomorrow to show them here. 

The game itself seems excellent. I must admit that I'm not very pleased with the animations and graphics, they don't look much better than Oblivion to be quite honest but it sure is a great game. I only created one character, a male High Elf and I am having a blast playing with him as a Mage using Destruction, Conjuration and Restoration, no weapons or armor AT ALL!

The gameplay seems like Oblivion in most aspects though a few things were simplified or just changed. I killed a dragon and gotta say the battle was a bit lame but just going around freezing and burning bandits and wild animals in the beautiful landscapes of the game feels great. As I said, I'll be making another post tomorrow with my first impressions of the game more elaborated and a few pictures of the Collector's Edition set.

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