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Another Skyrim update post

And here's another post updating my progress in Skyrim. God this game is so fucking awesome and addictive. I'm still playing as my High Elf wizard. Decided to delay the creation of a second character until I'm completely done with the elf. I'm currently midway through the Main Story, just reached the very top of High Hrothgar and met the leader of the Greybeards who taught me another pointless shout. The landscaped look very beautiful from the top of the mountain. I recommend visiting them.

I'm also doing the Dark Brotherhood quests, the Night Mother already chose me as the Listener and told me to speak to someone in some ruins. I'm taking every chance I have to buy/sell Alchemy items from the vampire lolita inside the sanctuary to raise my Speechcraft and Alchemy skill. 

My Conjuration skill is already at 100, so now I'm able to summon two Dremora Lords at the same time... One is already way too overpowered, so you can imagine that having two at the same time fighting by your side  breaks the game, but those are the benefits of playing 100% mage. I have Destruction in 92, I expect to master it by Wednesday if everything goes according to plan. Illusion is in 70, Alteration in 68 and Restoration in 56. It pissed me the fuck off that Restoration grows way too slowly, so I don't think I'll get 100 with the healing school, but Alteration and Illusion are totally possible.

In fact, casting Frenzy from a distance and watching groups of dumb enemies kill each other is fun as fuck and raises the Illusion skill really fast. I also noticed that picking up stuff with the Telekinesis spell raises Alteration very quickly as well.

In total, I'm at level 38. I think I'll be around 50 by the time I finish the Dark Brotherhood and the Main Quest, along with some other random questlines. I can't wait to try the master Destruction spells. It's gonna be really fun.

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