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Dead or Alive 5 demo in my hands!! (in my PS3)

I wake up today and check my e-mail. I burst with happiness when I see Amazon's message with the DOA5 code so I try to download it... The thing doesn't work so I contact Amazon and they try to help me but say they will fix the issue "between 2 and 4 business days". I was pissed, really pissed seeing my buddies over playing the thing and myself with an invalid demo. But during the afternoon I try again and it works! I start screaming YES! FINALLY! and download the 415 mb after about 4 hours... yes, four hours because the PSN is horrible. And now I own the thing and I'm IN LOVE with it.

Hayate is incredible, I never really paid much attention to him in DOA3, 4 and Dimensions but now he looks pretty badass in the second red costume, with a bow on his back. And Ayane is as hard to play as as ever but she looks really cool. 

The graphics in the alpha demo as simply incredible. The look much better than Soul Calibur V, the last released 3D fighter and of course, infinitely superior to the 2D ones. It runs at a steady 60 FPS and there's only one stage. The urban building in construction.

The gameplay is exactly the same, except for the sidesteps like the ones in SC5 and VF5 (pressing 22 or 88 will avoid some hits) but they're MUCH faster. There are also power blows that if charged enough will result in the "ultras" we all feared, but they're actually not that powerful and can easily be countered since they're mid punches.

The alpha demo tells about two new stages. In the background of the menu we see a "military stage" with some tanks placed around and a helicopter flying through the stage and firing a chain gun and there's another one that looks kind of like a traditional Chinese residence building of some sort which I assume will have several tiers. 

I'm extremely please with how the game is shaping up. It looks awesome and plays exactly as it should. I can't wait until more characters are revealed and the final game gets a set release date. I'll be posting more impressions once I play it with my friends.

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