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I'll be away for a while

This Saturday, I'll be traveling to Spain with my family for three weeks. We will be visiting a lot of different cities in the country like Barcelona and Madrid and I probably won't be able to get online as much. Still, since I got a new cool Sony Vaio laptop, I'll probably get online on it in the hotel rooms to post little updates on whatever needs to be said gaming-wise.

Unlike the last time I was there, I'll try to look for game stores and other things related to my hobby when I'm in Europe and with luck, buy any games for the PSP and DS since they don't have region lock, same with the PS3. 

So that's that, starting this Saturday, there won't be much activity in the blog. But I plan to make a good bunch of reviews as soon as I get back. The priority is with Soul Calibur V (360) and Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3). I'm watching a very short and not-very-good anime series called Freezing, it's about some hot girls fighting each other in an alien-invaded Earth. Sounds cool, but it's not to be honest. I'm gonna finish watching it and write a small review for it probably during the trip since I will be able to finish watching the 12 episodes before traveling.

I also have a small plan of taking a gallery of photos for each of my figures to keep track of what I own and share them on the internet. I'd be organizing them in the "Figures" tab in the upper side of the blog. And regarding the cool plan I had for playing the entire Final Fantasy franchise. It's gonna have to wait because I'll be very busy with me internship, classes, girlfriend, Japanese studies and just playing other non-Final Fantasy games like Tales of Graces f (which I recently got in the mail), Atelier Rorona, Star Ocean 4, Ninja Gaiden 3 and others.

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