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Ninja Gaiden 3 is an abomination...

I got my copy of Ninja Gaiden 3 for the PS3 yesterday and decided to at least try the first stage to see if the reviewers were or not right. They are. This is a game that completely forgets everything the first two entries in the series did so good and simply becomes a common action-adventure title that feels more Dynasty Warriors/God of War than Ninja Gaiden.

The graphics are good so far, Ryu looks very cool to be quite honest but the rest of the game isn't giving the visuals any justice. First of all, during the first 30 minutes of gameplay there are about seven completely retarded quick-time-events sections. The fights make you slash the exact same kind of enemy DOZENS of times in the same street over and over again and it quickly becomes very repetitive. 

There's no wall jumping during combat or the platforming sections, now Ryu climbs walls using his kunais. Thing he never needed to do before. There's only one weapon: The Dragon Sword and it seems to have much less moves than the version from the previous games. In fact, many of the combos just happen by themselves, you touch an enemy with the sword and Ryu does a cool move to kill the guy while you simply watch it. There are no combos, no real need to parry like before and cornering enemies isn't useful anymore given that they just seem to never stop respawning and attacking from behind. This really feels like a stupid Dynasty Warriors game with Busa on it.

There's only one magic spell during the entire game as well, Ryu kills guys and fills up the "magic" bar and unleashes a Dragon that literally kills every enemy in the area. There's no need to aim the thing or cast it in an strategic place like before. In fact, when you cast the dragon thingy, no matter where you are, the animation will always take place in the same location of the area and leave Ryu to be controlled again in a set spot, not where he was standing when he originally casted the spell.

The life bar works in a very weird way, the max health gets reduced if Ryu gets hit and he doesn't really seem to be able to heal unless he gets lucky enough to cast the spell. The enemies don't drop the pretty orbs from before. There's no money and no stores to upgrade weapons and buy cool things. There's no hot busty chick. The female girl is another "CIA agent" or some crap like that, she never shows her boobs and talks too much, unlike Rachel, Momoji and Ayane which were cool and killed stuff.

The dialogs are horrible and the story is total crap. I know NG games aren't strong for their story, they even feel like porno flicks with ninjas sometimes. But NG3 takes it to another level. There's no evil Vigoorian Empire or Black Spider clan, no fiends or angry Gods for Ryu to cut down. The bad dudes in the game are.... robots and terrorists... It feels like a joke, like Team Ninja decided to mock us like Capcom does with their fans. Ryu never seems to shut the fuck up, compared to NG1 where he had around 15 lines at most. This isn't a Ninja Gaiden game, it's just a stupid common action adventure game made to please the casual market that has been invading gaming every since the Wii and Call of Duty became popular things to own.

In short, the game is a total disaster, it's a complete disappointment and doesn't do anything right. I think that if this exact same game didn't have Busa and the Ninja Gaiden name on it, it'd be considered a "decent" game by the reviewers, but it simply doesn't do the franchise any justice. Remember when we used to say the Xbox 360 version of Ninja Gaiden II was crap¿ Well that one is awesome compared to this. Now that the opportunity to get the DOA5 demo from this is gone, stay away from NG3, it's a bad game and it's disrespectful for everything NG1 and Sigma 2 did so great before it.

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