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Small update

It's been a while since I updated the blog with anything other than a video. I'm still here, playing, watching stuff, reading and writing. But I've been spending most of my vacations to do these activities instead of just being on the internet. I finally finished reading Ico: Castle in the Mist by Miyuki Miyabe. I stopped it for some time because the middle section of the book is a bit boring. But I continued it and the story suddenly got very cool and interesting and I almost ended up slapping myself for not having finished this excellent book before. I recommend buying it even if, like me, you didn't like the PS2 game the whole thing is based on.

I started a new small novel called "Pacific Vortex!" by Clive Cussler, an author recommended to me by a fellow gamer classmate. So far the story is very interesting. It's about an American nuclear submarine that goes missing in the Pacific Ocean and a "hero" called Dirk Pitt who is kind of like a mix between Indiana Jones and Nathan Drake tries to find it. It's a very short novel but so far it's very cool.

Skyrim and Final Fantasy XIII-2 are still my most played games right now. I actually didn't play any Skyrim today (though I did write the review) but spent a good two hours on XIII-2. I was very confused at first with how the JRPG worked and its story but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I bought Sazh's DLC and the costumes for Serah and Noel. 

In Skyrim, I wanted to get the platinum trophy but decided to stop when I found myself looking aimlessly for the 50 skill books with the High Elf, so I just went and created a Khajiit assassin and started a new adventure. Playing in stealthy mode is very cool. I recommend trying that style, not everything is swinging a sword at the enemies...

I don't quite remember mentioning this here but I bought Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 which I'm leaving sealed (as a collector's object) and Soul Calibur V for the Xbox 360. SCV is actually very cool and I like it but the story and cast are horrible. Fortunately, Maxi, Ivy and Natsu (a Taki remake) are there. The only characters I like. My Tales of Graces f copy should be arriving in about a week. That game will also remain sealed until I'm done with the Atelier games and probably Star Ocean 4.

And finally, if Amazon decides to be nice enough. I should be getting an e-mail with my DOA5 alpha code very soon. In just a few hours as a matter of fact. As soon as I get it I'll start downloading it in my PS3 and post my first impressions.

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