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Soul Calibur V online is actually very good

I don't know about anyone out there but the truth is that since DOA4 came out, I haven't had a good online experience with any fighting game. I've tried VF5, SC4, Blazblue, MK9, KOF13, MvC3, UMvC and three different versions of SF4 and all of them run like shit online. They're full of lag and crashes and in MK9's case I was never able to even find a match.

But lately, I've been lurking around in SC5's online matchmaking and it's actually very good. It runs really smoothly and I've even been able to find matches against great players who don't just look for the ring-out and don't dress their characters like Luffy from One Piece. 

So taking in count that I'm still active in DOA4's online, I don't see any reason to not keep playing SC5 as well. My favorite characters are Natsu and Maxi because they're fast and their combo execution feels very cool. I didn't enjoy SC4 very much but the fifth, despite the horrible cast, especially Pyrra, is a very cool game which I'll of course be reviewing by April's end.

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