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Divergence Eve seems to be pretty awesome

I started watching Divergence Eve last night and what I got is completely different from what I thought it was going to be. I bought the series believing it was a Sci-fi/Mecha version of Ikkitousen or Queen's Blade but it looks like the plot and environments are very, very good. I've only watched two episodes so far, very little out of the 26 total (including Misaki Chronicles) but those two have been much better than the entire Freezing series which I finished and didn't like very much.

Divergence Eve takes place in 2317, mankind has found a way to achieve faster-than-light travel and they explain it in a very cool way, but that results in some extra-dimensional aliens from another universe called the "Ghoul" to start materializing in our dimension to destroy us and the humans find a way to fight them off with some awesome mechas piloted by big-breasted chicks. Trust me, so far it has been pretty cool. Ah, and the space scenes and robots are all CGI which makes everything even better. 

Unless the series gets ruined afterwards, like it happened with Gurren Lagann, I don't understand why Eve is such an obscure series. The reviews everywhere say it's very good but in all my years moving around the otaku world both in my city and the internet, I've never seen much info about it. Well, only time will tell if the rest of the series is a good as the two first episodes.



Excellent trailer for Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland. It shows a small and spoiler-free synopsis of what happens in Rorona and Totori and tells a few words about what Meruru is about. It seems to be as charming as the previous two games. I already have mine in pre-order.


A new DOA5 trailer! This one has Bayman and Christie fighting it out in a warfare stage I mentioned I noticed in the Alpha demo. It looks AMAZING, especially when the chopper falls down while they keep kicking each other's asses. Enjoy it!


Pics of my new games and anime

The front covers of the Divergence Eve DVDs.

Back covers of the DVDs. I'm still waiting for Misaki Chronicles (2nd season) and a pack with the 3 DVD I also ordered by mistake.

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls on Blu-ray.

 Back cover of the Samurai Girls Blu-ray.

Kid Icarus Uprising, courtesy of my girlfriend and Project DIVA 2nd, my first ever Japanese game.

I'm back!

I'm finally back from Spain. Tired as hell and already with a ton of classes and work to do, but I'm happy to be home. I didn't end up getting any games in Spain but my girlfriend, being the fucking awesome girl she is, bought me Kid Icarus Uprising for the 3DS and I'm gonna try it out in a few minutes. I also got in the mail Project DIVA 2nd and some of the anime DVDs and Blu-rays I ordered while I was away. 

I'll try now to find the time to write up the game reviews I still have to do (Soul Calibur V, FFXIII-2, Ninja Gaiden 3 and now Kid Icarus) and the anime articles I want as well (Freezing, Samurai Girls and Divergence Eve).


Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy pre-ordered!

I just preordered Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy from Amazon. The game comes out in July and by preordering it, I'm getting a cute stylus for free! The game looks very cool with an unusual mix of rhythm and RPG but being a Final Fantasy game, I doubt it will be bad. 

I'm especially excited about playing with Terra, Bartz, Cloud, Lightning and my other favorite FF protagonists and listening to a awesome remixes of the most iconic Final Fantasy songs from Nobuo Uematsu, I also hope FFXI and XIV are given some love in the game.

The game is an exclusive 3DS title and the first Final Fantasy to be out for the portable console, I just hope it's the first of many, including future FFV and VI remakes in 3D!


I kinda want to go home already

Today I arrived at Granada with my family and to be quite honest, the city, while very pretty and with a cold weather which I love, doesn't to be as interesting as I though tourism-wise. Also, I'm traveling around southern Spain with my parents and two uncles who live here in Spain and I don't really have anyone to talk to or much shit to do so I'm kinda bored. I'm seriously missing home.

If everything goes according to plan, I should be going to Madrid on Tuesday and I'll be able to move around the city more freely since I've been there before and I remember how the subway system worked. I visited the local El Corte Ingles store here in Granada and looked around to the gaming shelves and saw almost the same things I saw in Barcelona with the exception of Rayman Origins which wasn't available for any console. There were a few cool-looking limited editions but none of them worth purchasing here in Europe. 

I tried a Vita with a Japanese demo of Ridge Racer and it seems pretty cool but I was only able to play for around five minutes so I don't have any real opinions about the system. Just that, I tried it. If I do decide on purchasing a game in Madrid I'll probably go for Rayman Origins or Fifa 12 or I don't know. I'll make a post once I have made a decision or have the actual games with me.


I bought Hyakka Ryouran and Divergence Eve!

During my small internet sessions in the hotel here in Spain I read a few things about some ecchi anime series, since it's one of my favorite anime genres and decided to purchase a couple ones from Amazon. I had the luck to find them for an excellent price. About 60 bucks for the three entire season. I went for Hyakka Ryouran which I do own back home but censored and call me a pervert of whatever but I wanted the real thing. So I purchased it in Blu-Ray. Once I get back, I'll finish watching the last three or four episodes of Freezing to focus on these two.

The second one is called "Divergence Eve". It looks like it comes from the late 90s or very early 2000s and it mixes sci-fi, mechas and huge boobs. This one is only available on DVD and I purchased both the 13-episode main series and another 13-episode prequel which explains the origins of the protagonist's story. I remember watching a lot of pics of the girls from Divergence Eve back when 4chan was obscure but never investigated which series they came from. Now I'll hopefully own the series and watch it.

Both seem to have a lot of good reviews all over the net. Divergence Eve is a little obscure and there isn't much content about it, even pics of the girls but Hyakka Ryouran is more modern and I watched a few scenes of the censored version I have back home and the art style is really awesome. It kinda looks like the characters are moving in a Japanese painting, really good stuff. I just hope they're both good enough for me not regretting the purchase.

Reviews on both series will most likely take a while to come up here because between University, girlfriend, Japanese studies, books, gaming, movies and other animes I'll have to administer my time as much as possible to get everything right. But articles on the series will surely come some time in the near future. 


Fantasy Defense, my favorite iPhone game

Since I got my iPhone back in December I've been downloading games for it and trying them out. Some of them have been good and some terrible. But I've found one of them to be extremely addicting, especially now during my trip to Spain. Its name is Fantasy Defense, a tower defense game where you place units around a map to attack monsters and stop them from reaching a gate. Very simple, yet, incredibly fun and pretty.

In each map, monsters of many kinds will travel around a set line to try and reach a gate you need to protect, to do so, you slide your finger around the screen positioning Knights, Archers and Sorceresses around to deal damage and kill them.

Each unit has its own properties, there are Knights who deal huge damage but only have melee range, Archers who have the best range but deal the least damage and Mages who are somewhere in between, decent damage and range. Each kind of unit can do different things as well. Example, there are knights with hammers who stun enemies to stop them for second, archers who deal "damage over time" with their arrows and mages who freeze enemies to slow them down a little.

There are many ways to level-up and upgrades to buy and it works wonders to pick it up for a few minutes and have fun in either a bus, waiting room or something like that. I truly recommend the game. I have no idea if it's available for other platforms other than iOS but it seems to be free right now, so don't miss it!

I'm probably buying a Vita soon

I've been seriously thinking about buying a Vita lately. I know that the console is still in its early days and the catalog of games isn't very rich but I'm just so weak towards NG1 that I feel I need to try it out. Besides, having the best action-adventure game ever created everywhere I go is definitely a good thing. 

I'm interested as well in Uncharted: Golden Abyss. I love the series and though this one isn't developed by Naughty dog, I've heard that it's pretty good once you get used to the somewhat awkward controls. So if I decide to purchase the console I'd definitely go for Ninja Gaiden and Uncharted as my first games.

Rayman Origins also looks very good but I'd rather get that game for either the 360 or PS3 to be able to play it with my friends. In fact, I'm probably getting it here in Spain for the PS3. UMvC3 would also be a good choice if I didn't hate Capcom with a strong passion but sadly for me and them, I do.

If I do get the console when I get back to Venezuela, I'll definitely make a post about it with my first impressions on both the console itself and the games. I can't wait to play NG1 again after the complete disappointment NG3 has been.


Sekirei and Sora no Otoshimono

Sekirei and Sora no Otoshimono are a couple of ecchi anime series I have on pirated DVDs back at home. I just found out while lurking Amazon bored in my Hotel in Sevilla that there are a group of very cool-looking sets with Blu-rays and DVDs of both series available at the site for a fairly cheap price. I wanted to order them right away but I decided to wait until I get home and watch the DVDs and if I like them, I'll order them. 

I don't want to spend money on the sets only to realize one or both of the series are shit. Like it happened with the first season of Ikkitousen and Freezing (though I haven't finished watching it). So I need to remember and take some time to watch those series once I get back home.

I'm kinda worried because, unlike Queen's Blade, these ones rely on the harem factor too much. And both feature a nerdy male protagonist who ends up living with overly-sexualized girls for many crazy reasons. I really don't like it when ecchi series are about harems. That's why I like Queen's Blade and High School of the Dead so much but who knows¿ They might end up being good. This is anime after all.

Sekirei is about some busty chick who fights other busty chicks a-la Freezing/Queen's Blade while she lives with a random dude and Sora no Otoshimono is about a nerdy boy who lives in a Japanese rural town when one day some big-breasted "angels" fall from heaven and become his maids. Sounds great!


Barcelona update

I walked all around the city trying to find good gaming/figures stores and didn't have much luck. Except for El Corte Ingles. A huge chain of department stores all over Spain, I didn't find a single place selling games, which is really weird give that the city seems filled with people of all kinds, nationalities and races. My dad said he saw a figure store near our hotel room but we never got time to visit it because of the tours. Bummer.

El Corte Ingles had a lot of very cool games for every console, even the PS2. I saw Record of Agarest War Zero and WRC2 at 45 euros and Rayman Origins at 30 euros. Rayman was especially cheap in my opinion, 30 euros is around 40 bucks I think. Sadly, I'm leaving the city in just a couple of hours and won't have time to go to the store and buy any of the games. 

During the weekend and next week, I'll be visiting Cordoba, Sevilla and Granada. I really have no idea of what to expect about these cities but I'll keep an eye out for gaming and figures stores. If I find any, I'll write a little update down here. Once I'm in Madrid for the final days of the trip I'll be able to freely walk around the city and purchase any games I see with a good price.


Final Fantasy XIV in a store in Barcelona

This is probably not that important but personally I had never seen the box of this game myself. Just like FFXI it comes with a free month. If it werent for the PAL thing, the spanish language and the fact that I dont have a steong-enough PC to play it, I'd definitely buy it.