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Divergence Eve seems to be pretty awesome

I started watching Divergence Eve last night and what I got is completely different from what I thought it was going to be. I bought the series believing it was a Sci-fi/Mecha version of Ikkitousen or Queen's Blade but it looks like the plot and environments are very, very good. I've only watched two episodes so far, very little out of the 26 total (including Misaki Chronicles) but those two have been much better than the entire Freezing series which I finished and didn't like very much.

Divergence Eve takes place in 2317, mankind has found a way to achieve faster-than-light travel and they explain it in a very cool way, but that results in some extra-dimensional aliens from another universe called the "Ghoul" to start materializing in our dimension to destroy us and the humans find a way to fight them off with some awesome mechas piloted by big-breasted chicks. Trust me, so far it has been pretty cool. Ah, and the space scenes and robots are all CGI which makes everything even better. 

Unless the series gets ruined afterwards, like it happened with Gurren Lagann, I don't understand why Eve is such an obscure series. The reviews everywhere say it's very good but in all my years moving around the otaku world both in my city and the internet, I've never seen much info about it. Well, only time will tell if the rest of the series is a good as the two first episodes.

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