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I bought Hyakka Ryouran and Divergence Eve!

During my small internet sessions in the hotel here in Spain I read a few things about some ecchi anime series, since it's one of my favorite anime genres and decided to purchase a couple ones from Amazon. I had the luck to find them for an excellent price. About 60 bucks for the three entire season. I went for Hyakka Ryouran which I do own back home but censored and call me a pervert of whatever but I wanted the real thing. So I purchased it in Blu-Ray. Once I get back, I'll finish watching the last three or four episodes of Freezing to focus on these two.

The second one is called "Divergence Eve". It looks like it comes from the late 90s or very early 2000s and it mixes sci-fi, mechas and huge boobs. This one is only available on DVD and I purchased both the 13-episode main series and another 13-episode prequel which explains the origins of the protagonist's story. I remember watching a lot of pics of the girls from Divergence Eve back when 4chan was obscure but never investigated which series they came from. Now I'll hopefully own the series and watch it.

Both seem to have a lot of good reviews all over the net. Divergence Eve is a little obscure and there isn't much content about it, even pics of the girls but Hyakka Ryouran is more modern and I watched a few scenes of the censored version I have back home and the art style is really awesome. It kinda looks like the characters are moving in a Japanese painting, really good stuff. I just hope they're both good enough for me not regretting the purchase.

Reviews on both series will most likely take a while to come up here because between University, girlfriend, Japanese studies, books, gaming, movies and other animes I'll have to administer my time as much as possible to get everything right. But articles on the series will surely come some time in the near future. 

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