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I kinda want to go home already

Today I arrived at Granada with my family and to be quite honest, the city, while very pretty and with a cold weather which I love, doesn't to be as interesting as I though tourism-wise. Also, I'm traveling around southern Spain with my parents and two uncles who live here in Spain and I don't really have anyone to talk to or much shit to do so I'm kinda bored. I'm seriously missing home.

If everything goes according to plan, I should be going to Madrid on Tuesday and I'll be able to move around the city more freely since I've been there before and I remember how the subway system worked. I visited the local El Corte Ingles store here in Granada and looked around to the gaming shelves and saw almost the same things I saw in Barcelona with the exception of Rayman Origins which wasn't available for any console. There were a few cool-looking limited editions but none of them worth purchasing here in Europe. 

I tried a Vita with a Japanese demo of Ridge Racer and it seems pretty cool but I was only able to play for around five minutes so I don't have any real opinions about the system. Just that, I tried it. If I do decide on purchasing a game in Madrid I'll probably go for Rayman Origins or Fifa 12 or I don't know. I'll make a post once I have made a decision or have the actual games with me.

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