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I'm probably buying a Vita soon

I've been seriously thinking about buying a Vita lately. I know that the console is still in its early days and the catalog of games isn't very rich but I'm just so weak towards NG1 that I feel I need to try it out. Besides, having the best action-adventure game ever created everywhere I go is definitely a good thing. 

I'm interested as well in Uncharted: Golden Abyss. I love the series and though this one isn't developed by Naughty dog, I've heard that it's pretty good once you get used to the somewhat awkward controls. So if I decide to purchase the console I'd definitely go for Ninja Gaiden and Uncharted as my first games.

Rayman Origins also looks very good but I'd rather get that game for either the 360 or PS3 to be able to play it with my friends. In fact, I'm probably getting it here in Spain for the PS3. UMvC3 would also be a good choice if I didn't hate Capcom with a strong passion but sadly for me and them, I do.

If I do get the console when I get back to Venezuela, I'll definitely make a post about it with my first impressions on both the console itself and the games. I can't wait to play NG1 again after the complete disappointment NG3 has been.

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