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Sekirei and Sora no Otoshimono

Sekirei and Sora no Otoshimono are a couple of ecchi anime series I have on pirated DVDs back at home. I just found out while lurking Amazon bored in my Hotel in Sevilla that there are a group of very cool-looking sets with Blu-rays and DVDs of both series available at the site for a fairly cheap price. I wanted to order them right away but I decided to wait until I get home and watch the DVDs and if I like them, I'll order them. 

I don't want to spend money on the sets only to realize one or both of the series are shit. Like it happened with the first season of Ikkitousen and Freezing (though I haven't finished watching it). So I need to remember and take some time to watch those series once I get back home.

I'm kinda worried because, unlike Queen's Blade, these ones rely on the harem factor too much. And both feature a nerdy male protagonist who ends up living with overly-sexualized girls for many crazy reasons. I really don't like it when ecchi series are about harems. That's why I like Queen's Blade and High School of the Dead so much but who knows¿ They might end up being good. This is anime after all.

Sekirei is about some busty chick who fights other busty chicks a-la Freezing/Queen's Blade while she lives with a random dude and Sora no Otoshimono is about a nerdy boy who lives in a Japanese rural town when one day some big-breasted "angels" fall from heaven and become his maids. Sounds great!

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