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Saint Seiya Tenkai Hen Overture!

I just watched the movie Saint Seiya Tenkai Hen Overture. It's much better than I remembered, I watched it when it came out and I was naive enough to think that this was going to be the official sequel to the Hades saga.  Unfortunately, that one ended up horribly after the fantastic first thirteen episodes. But anyway, the movie is very very cool. With a fantastic art design and animations for the characters and attacks. There are several things in the environments that added bonus points to the art like the fact that the lightning is done in a very special way and the fact that there's water almost everywhere, thing that never happened in Saint Seiya before. To be a 2005 movie, it looks much better than any episode of Omega, the new series recently started. 

It starts with a trio of angels trying to kill Seiya who is paralyzed in a wheelchair under the care of Saori after he got a curse from Hades in the final battle of that saga. The three angels, named Odysseo, Icaro and another unnamed guy are under orders of Artemis, goddess of the moon and older sister of Saori (Athena). Artemis thinks that humanity must perish because they fought the gods way too many times so Saori once again decides to sacrifice herself as long as the saints and all humanity are left untouched.

Seiya then awakens but is unable to use his cosmo so he goes to the Sanctuary to try to protect Athena once again, in the way, he fights the angels and we see Shun, Ikki, Hyoga and Shyryu attempting to protect their goddess again.

Unfortunately, the movie didn't get as much praise as it deserved, especially because of the confusing ending and the rest of the story won't see the light of day. From what I understand, Seiya manages to land a punch on Apolo's face, so the god lets humanity live but erases the memory of both Seiya and Saori and possibly the rest of the bronze saints. No idea about what happened to the gold saints but their souls seem to be trapped in strange statues in a never-before-visited part of the Sanctuary where Ikki and Shun fight one of the angels.
I truly recommend watching the movie, we'll never know how this story ends but the art style is a reason good enough to watch the thing. Besides, the fights are pretty awesome and if you like Saint Seiya and action-oriented anime series in general, this movie is a must-watch.

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