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A small update

During the last days I've been a little busy with college homework and working on my book project which has especially taken me a lot of time. But I've fortunately found time to game a lot. I'm currently very hooked to Skyrim, second playthrough with a Khajiit. I'm trying to finish the Thieves Guild questline with that character and probably the Stormcloak side of the civil war. I'm finding myself glued to Halo 3 ODST as well, trying to break the 100.000 points in every map but I've failed miserably. I almost did it in Alpha site but a fucking Brute with a Fuel Rod Gun took my last live when I was on 98000+ points.

Besides those I'm playing a lot of Virtua Fighter 5 Online and Soul Calibur V. With Eileen/Aoi and Natsu/Maxi respectively. Since I'm having internet problems AGAIN I'm not playing online very much in SCV but I get a couple matches when I can. Forza 4 has also seen a some hours of gameplay. I'm trying to get to level 50 driver and asking myself if I should buy the Porsche DLC pack they released recently.

I'm still planning on getting all fragments in FFXIII-2 and starting either Atelier Rorona, Xenoblade or an Xbox 360 single player game. I will review FFXIII-2 and Kid Icarus very soon but as I said, I haven't found the inspiration or time to sit down and write those two articles. I'll try to have them ready either today or during next week.

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