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Another update

Damn I haven't been paying much attention to the blog in the last three weeks. I wanna change that, there are so many plans I have for this place but I just can't work on all of them. The Retro Gaming section, Literature reviews, more anime reviews, more figure galleries and more updates to keep the diary of what I do, which is the real reason for the blog's existence. But that will all change. If everything goes alright I should be done with my university homework by Monday. At least the difficult ones. Once that's done I'll make a review for FFXIII-2 as I've been wanting to do for the last weeks.

For an update, I can say that I'm a little hooked into Skyrim, I finished the Thieves Guild "main" questline and now I'm trying to do the radiant ones. I kinda want to get the Platinum Trophy for the game again but that'd need me to go hunting for the skill books and daedric artifactd with the High Elf (my first character) and create a third one to play the Companions questline since I feel that having a Khajiit werewolf will be completely out-of-place and illogical.

I finished watching Divergence Eve which took me way too long because I was reading a couple books I wanted have ready (Coma by Robin Cook and Game of Thrones by George Martin) and to be completely honest, the series is very good but after the first half I got completely lost in the storyline and the entire thing ended without me understanding shit of what happened so I won't review it until I watch Misaki Chronicles and rewatch Divergence Eve itself. But I do recommend it, it's very interesting.

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm hooked to Halo ODST, Halo Reach, VF5 Online, Forza 4 and the DOA5 Alpha. So between studying, reading, writing, watching TV and playing all those things I've not have much time or desires to sit down and blog. But I want the place to be active again and starting next week, I'll try my best to keep the thing updated with at least two posts per day of ANYTHING. A video, an opinion on a game or a small news about whatever gaming/anime/figures-related. 

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