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This is the official E3 trailer for Dead or Alive 5. It shows three new characters for the first time: Kokoro, Tina and Virtua Fighter's Sarah Bryant. The first two are completely playable at the "Demo 2.0" of the game which is available in E3 with all the new mechanics (like a 4-way point hold system and the new wake-up kicks) and it makes for a total of 12 playable characters and 5 stages.

Kokoro and Tina are brilliant and very beautiful, they both seem to have a lot of new moves and ways to be played, And the costumes, though a bit odd in some cases, are very awesome in general. I watched several matches in the IPL tournament and gotta say that except for Zack, all characters look and play amazingly. Akira fits perfectly in DOA5 and he's more than welcome to the series. Enjoy the video.

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