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Dead or Alive 5 priced and dated!

Tecmo-Koei has just released info on the release date for Dead or Alive 5. As usual, the standard edition will be 60$ and it'll come out on Septembre 25th this year. There'll also be a Collector's Edition for a bit more price that will include an art book, soundtrack CD, eight postcards and ten metal plates. Besides, it'll come with a code to download 12 "Premium Sexy Costumes" which are, of course, bikinis for the girls. Take a look at the first pic released today, a pink bikini for Kasumi:

The first print runs of both the standard and collector's editions of the game will also include a limited code for "sexy costumes" for Kasumi and Ayane. So to guarantee having those I'd recommend pre-ordering the game way before release just in case. The "Premium Sexy Costumes" will later be available as a paid DLC in both Xbox Live and the PSN. 

Now, look at a gallery with the pictures released today at E3. They include Kokoro, Tina, Sarah, Zack, Leifang and even Bass!

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