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I got the premium DOA5 Alpha demo!

In a small contest on Free Step Dodge's Twitter account, I won a code to download the Premium demo for DOA5 for the Xbox 360. So I was FINALLY able to try out Hitomi and Ryu. I'm so fucking happy about it. Busa feels so different from DOA4 and Dimensions that I don't even know where to begin. He has a lot of new strings that connect to the ninpo stance, he also got new moves from the it and many launchers, stuns and juggles don't work the same as before or were simply replaced by something else. His Izuna holds are still there but as advanced ones so it's now much harder to get them right. People will have to simply stop whining at them now because they won't come out easily like in the previous games. His normal punch-hold animations are really bad-ass. He feels much slower than before so I understand why people were mentioning that out in the forums. Ah, he also got an air throw now a-la Tina, Leon, Spartan, etc.

Hitomi feels the same but faster in some things and slower in others. It's obvious that she was the less-completed character in the Alpha along with Hayate. She basically plays the same from DOA4/Dimensions but adapts to the sidestep system and all the DOA5 Alpha things in general. Her ears are huge! Thank God Team Ninja redesigned her for the E3 and final version because she looks a bit weird in the Alpha. Still an amazing and very, very strong character. I wish this had online play.

This along with Virtua Fighter 5:FS will cease my hunger for a good fighting game until I get my hands on the final version. I really feel like a teenager again being excited about fighting games. I was so disappointed in the last years by the 2D ones that I completely lost the feeling DOA (and now VF) are leaving me with. From here I send my regards and a huge thanks to Mr Wah and the Free Step Dodge people, THANK YOU! Dead or Alive 5 is a fucking great game!

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