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Mike gets the PS Vita!

In loyal tradition of a hardcore gamer, I bought the latest game system to arrive on the market. It took a while because I was saving money for something else but I'm finally the owner of a PS Vita. And I really couldn't ask for more because I got it with three games instead of the original two I planned to get because the local store actually included a title of my choice with the price I knew about so instead of paying for two separate games alone, I got those with an included one in the store's bundle, awesome!

After investigating a bit about the current catalog (which is filled with PS3 ports) I decided on Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, my primary option, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush, the best "original" Vita game. The system came with little battery so I didn't have much time to mess around with it other than set-up my PSN account and play a few minutes of Ninja Gaiden and Gravity Rush.

Gravity Rush looks very cool and feels really original. It's about a girl in a strange world who can control gravity to fight enemies and move around places. I only played it for about fifteen minutes or so, so I really have no idea about the game's plot and gameplay other than a few videos I watched before buying it. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus is another remake of the original NG1, one of my favorite games of all time. I completed the first two chapters in Hard with no problems. The controls feel a bit weird at first but nothing to get alarmed about. It plays the same as the Xbox and PS3 versions. Graphically, it is EXCELLENT but sadly, it doesn't include Japanese voices (at least the US version doesn't). But oh well, nothing can be perfect. I haven't opened Uncharted yet, probably will during the weekend.

I'm really pleased with what I've seen the console can do. It looks very good, much better than the 3DS. People all over the internet are talking about Sony dropping the Vita because it's not selling well but I personally think the machine can be a strong competitor in the handheld market if the good developers like Naughty Dog, Square-Enix, Insomniac or Media Molecule actually create good games for it like they did with the PS3 who everyone needs to remember had a catastrophic start as well. In fact, the PS3 started much worse than the Vita and look how it stands now.

But if the PS Vita does fail and dies (which I repeat, I really don't believe it will ever happen), I'll remember it for the things it did well and the good games it has where the developers worked extra-hard to make the system stand out and use all of its features to the fullest. I can't really wait for it to be able to play the PS1 classics I've purchased in the past and once franchises like Monster Hunter, Little Big Planet or Final Fantasy start showing up on it, the environment for the Vita will only get better. 

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