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My VF5FS experience so far

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is definitely the king of fighting games. It's simply perfect and I'm having a blast with it. The net-coding matches that of Soul Calibur V and probably betters it. With my so-so connection I have no lag AT ALL. I'm playing it in both the Xbox 360 and PS3 and seem to be having performance differences in each consoles. In the PS3 I usually just go for Ranked Matches or Player Matches to practice and there, I've been mostly using Aoi, Eileen and El Blaze, though this last one I haven't used in three days. In the Xbox 360 I play with my FreeStepDodge people and practice a LOT on unranked fights so I have a lower winning ratio and rank in the Xbox 360. I also focus more on Aoi (my real main so far) in that console.

The game is really vast and there's always something to get better at. I personally try not to pay attention to my win-ratio in ranked matches and force myself to play high-ranked players only but I get challenged by low-level players (like me) often and take the opportunity to try new things and see if they work regardless of trying to win no matter what.

In Aoi's case, I'm slowly learning how to keep pressure and implement her vast array of throws into my gameplay style. VF5 is a game where frame advantage matters much more than in DOA4 so I need to spend a lot of time in the Dojo (training mode) to see which strings land me +frames to keep the pressure on faster opponents like Pai, Eileen or Jacky. Aoi seems a little slow but the tools on her arsenal more than make up for the lack of speed. Another limitation I see on her, though I might be wrong, is her distance game. She lacks good moves to deal damage from a distance and poke but I'm trying to learn how to implement what she has. So far I think I'm doing fine since I'm getting a lot of wins against good players.

Eileen is another scenario. Comparing her to Aoi, she seems like a character from a completely different game. For starters, Eileen lacks sabakis, defensive holds and she only has about five or so throws. Yet, her array of moves is HUGE because she works interrupting strings with others without forcing her to return to her neutral stance, which make her seem like an unstoppable punching and kicking machine if used correctly. Eileen also has a LOT of jumps, crouches, dashes and backdashes that open even more strings for her and are really useful to avoid hits that would damage her otherwise. I'm really having a lot of fun playing and learning her.

My "third" character is El Blaze. The Mexican-like luchador is really really cool and actually works as a mix between a rushdown fighter and a grappler, but he lacks good defensive tools. He has a awesome array of moves, very strong throws and even a "stance" where he runs around to grab or strike his enemies. But I see some limitations on his defense. He lacks counterattacks and I haven't found many sabakis and good tools to take control of the match back in case he's being attacked too much. I could be wrong though since I'm barely learning him.

I'm interested in playing Akira, Jean, Taka-Arashi, Pai, Sarah, Jacky and Lau as well. They just seem incredibly cool and hell, who knows¿ I might end up maining one of those. The game is huge both offline and online and it works wonders for both the casual and hardcore crowd. I'm really happy about the reception the game has gotten so far. The online on both consoles is full at all times and from what I read, the sales's expectations were surpassed in only a week! This and DOA5 will definitely be my main games from now own. I just love it. And as I mentioned before, buying this for 45 dollars seems like robbing SEGA for having such a huge and great game at that price. I'm not an expert in Sega's franchises but hands-down this is the best game I've ever played from them, along with the other VF5 builds, Shenmue and Panzer Dragoon Orta.

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