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VF5 needs love too!

Today is the release date of the digital version of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. The game is supposed to be available now but none of the online interfaces of either console have it yet. According to the info I got in Free Step Dodge the game should be available in PSN in a few hours and in Live sometime tomorrow. 

The game is priced at 14.99$ for the game itself and two customization packs for 14.99$ each which make a total of 45$ for the entire package (or 3600 MSP if you want to get it for Xbox 360). At that price, it's simply stupid not to buy the game, also considering that the competition offers less for more money. If anyone wants to get their hands on the best fighting game ever made, the time is now. So ready your PSN and Live accounts for it and get online to fight!

I'll personally get mine with leftover points and wallet money I have in both my accounts so I'll most likely be active in the two consoles. In VF5:Online, the old Xbox 360 version of the game I reviewed some time ago, I main Eileen and have a little skill with Aoi, Pai, Jacky, Lau and even bits of Akira and Lion. Those are the fighters I'll be using in Final Showdown along with Jean, who reminds me a lot of Ein from Dead or Alive.

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