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Final Fantasy Versus XIII vaporware?

 With the release of Theatrhythm and various visits around many Final Fantasy sites I usually visit, I've come across many very interesting articles regarding Versus XIII. In the last weeks, the game has caused a couple of very impressive and scary hoaxes on the internet. In the first, some guys made a video about an "inside reveal" showing the game's name being changed to "Final Fantasy XV" and the second one a stupid rumor elaborated by the people who write in the website Kotaku stating the game had been quietly cancelled by Square-Enix but that they'd never make an official announcement to let the game die in peace like Star Craft: Ghost or Shenmue III. Fortunately, both hoaxes were crushed by Square-Enix president himself on Twitter and he even said something about meetings about the creation of a town in Versus.

Now we all have to remember that Versus was officially announced in E3 2006. That was six, SIX, years ago. In that time we've seen XIII, XIII-2, Type-0 (in Japan), IV Complete Collection, several Kingdom Hearts games, Dissidia, Dissidia 012 and Theatrhythm along with the digital releases of pretty much the entire series in the PlayStation Network. The lack of actual footage like trailers, screens and official showings at events like E3 and TGS has made the game been labeled as vaporware recently by many writers around the web.

In my personal opinion, the game can't still be called vaporware simply because Square-Enix insists in talking about it every now and then. Whether to ask for our patience or to claim the cancellation rumor was false. Officially the game is still in development and thus calling it vaporware is silly. We just have to wait for them to make another official statement or announcement on the game's progress. And for all we know, we could be seeing a completely different game from what they showed us in the last trailers. Even the gameplay one where Noctis and the others are fighting the Behemoth.

There are some things that I'd really like for them to do with the game. For one, I'd support them if they made the name-changing thing to Final Fantasy XV official. Why? Simple. Nomura himself claimed years ago that while the game is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis saga, Versus holds no relation at all with XIII (and XIII-2 and Type-0) so it can't be considered neither a prequel nor a sequel. If that's true, the "XIII" in the name will have people confused for years and it's only gonna spawn countless theories relating FFXIII and Versus like the one that states Squall dies halfway through FFVIII (I support that one, actually). So changing the name of the game to FFXV would be beneficial for the company.

Another thing is that Nomura claimed that the game can't be part of the main series because the art-style and gameplay were different but to me, that makes little to no sense because most games in it are completely different from each other. Look at for example FFIII when compared to FFVII. or FFXII with FFXIII, to use two games close to each other. FF Versus XIII could easily be part of the main series as Final Fantasy XV and as I said, I think it'd actually benefit both the company and the franchise a LOT, especially if the game ends up being good, which I'm pretty sure it will.

But for now, all we can do as the players is wait. A FF event is happening in Japan in September and for all we know, we could be seeing new footage of Versus in it (along with a possible announcement of FFXIII-3). As fans of the series and people who have enjoyed all the games in it, we have to support and wait for Square-Enix.

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