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Gravity Rush also started

I went and picked up my Vita, stopped playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus on it and started Gravity Rush. God what a fucking awesome game! This feels like one of those very obscure and unpopular games in PlayStation consoles that everyone seems to talk about but no one actually got and played. Just like Ico, Heavenly Sword or Blade Fencer Musashi. 

Gravity Rush is a game where you control a girl known as Kat who has the power to control gravity around her. She travels around with a black cat and lives in this steampunk-like city with various sectors, people to talk about, etc. You can literally move however the fuck you want, shifting the gravity as you wish so you walk on walls, ceilings and the like. There's also a battle system where she kicks some monsters that sometimes appear. 

The game's story is pretty weird and at the point I'm at, it doesn't make any sense at all. There seems to be a criminal named Alias wanting to use a gem for something and another gravity shifter called Raven who looks like she hates Kat. It's pretty weird but this is definitely the best (if not the ONLY) original Vita game. I truly recommend it. The graphics are awesome, just like the music and the gameplay is very, very innovative and cool. Kat is also very pretty.

Check out this gameplay trailer:

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