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Ninja Gaiden VITA and VF5FS update

Holy shit, has it really been a week since I last wrote something here¿ That is WRONG. But anyway, here's a post with a small update on what has been going on recently. First of all I'm HOOKED to Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus on the Vita, I'm currently having Gravity Rush and Uncharted: Golden Abyss on hold while I at least finish the main story in Ninja Gaiden (for like the 50th time). I just defeated Ghost Doku in chapter 17 and am now heading to the core of the Imperal Palace to kick the Emperor and Murai's ass. Then I'll mess around with the missions and review the game here, I can't wait to do it. I love the game though the Vita version has a little big problem with the arrow aiming that makes the military chapter a totally annoying mess (and that mission is supposed to be fuckin' awesome). 

When analyzing the arsenal at Ryu's disposal in both NG1 and 2 (3 doesn't count to me) I think both have their ups and downs. Ninja Gaiden 2 has generally better weapons because in all honesty, many of the ones in NG1 are clones of the same thing (War Hammer, Dabilahro, Dark Dragon Blade and Unlabored Flawlessness are pretty much the same weapon) which makes it only have the Dragon Sword/Kitetsu, Dual Katanas, Vigoorian Flail, Lunar and Heavy Weapons. Five weapons (still more than any God of War game) but NG2 has nine if I remember correctly and the Lunar and Flail there are superior. BUT, the ranged weapons (which I actually use here and there) are better in NG1, the windmill shuriken and explosive arrows are a plus in many tough battles. The ninpos are tied because they're great in both games.

Well, I've also been glued to Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown in both consoles, but especially on the 360 where I always play with a both of dudes I met from Argentina and a few people from a DOA forum I always visit. After about three or so weeks of messing around with many characters I think I'll just main Aoi and have Eileen, Sarah and El Blaze as secondaries for casual matches. Aoi is the one I like the most, she has many, many tools at her disposal and gives me the oportunity to do almost anything in any situation. The item customization for the costumes is like a game by itself (like in Soul Calibur V). I'm truly in love with VF5FS.

I'm trying my best to find a way to get my hands on a DOA5 Collector's Edition. Team Ninja is selling that version of the game exclusively in Gamestop. But that store isn't in my country and the website doesn't accept my credit cards like does so I'm in trouble there. I already have the standard versions of the game (both consoles) pre-ordered in Amazon along with the strategy guide DrDogg is writing but I really DO WANT my Collector's Edition. I'll most likely end up having about three or four copies of that game. I think my cousin who lives up in Miami might help me but with him, I'd be getting the game late in October, but oh well, better late than not having it at all.

What else...¿ Ah yes, I'm reading another of the Halo novels, The Flood, it's another take on the events from the very first game, Halo: Combat Evolved but with many characters included like an ODST soldier named Silva and even a hilarious Grunt warrior named Yayap. The book is definitely not as good as Game of Thrones (which I finished a little while ago) but it's still a very entertaining read. I have another book filled with short stories from a Latin American writer named Horacio Quiroga, it's very scary and dark shit but the guy is an excellent writer.

In my short-term plans, since I'm about to finish this semester in college, I might get a few days of free time to game, read, write and watch animes and movies before I find a job to make up for the studying time so I'll try to get on with all the shit I'm behind in the blog like the review's for Kid Icarus Uprising, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown and the other two Vita titles. I want to review Divergence Eve as well as Hyakka Ryouran but I dunno when that will be finished because watching animes isn't really a priority to me right now.

Anyway, this was my "little" update for the week. I truly recommend gettng a Vita if you can afford it, NGSP is a great game and Gravity Rush seems like an excellent exclusive title and for all the love God has for us, BUY VIRTUA FIGHTER 5 FINAL SHOWDOWN, it's the best fighting game out there.

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