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In search of the 160 Fragments in Final Fantasy XIII-2

Though my backlog project is on, I can't really say I'm done with Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Skyrim yet. In the first game's case, I want to collect all the 160 Fragments. Those are some optional items which complement the story and are rewarded for exploring further, unlocking secret areas, completing sidequests and so on. I finished the main quest in the game with about 40 of them and am now using my strategy guide to collect the rest. After about 10 hours of gameplay I've just gotten to 63... SIXTY THREE! 

The search is gonna be much more longer than I originally predicted, but well, this is a Final Fantasy game so it is to be expected I suppose. The ones I got were in several areas and required a lot of walking, backtracking and even find required minor items in other timelines and places. That's crazy! I don't really think anyone can find them all without a guide in less than a year. If it weren't for my huge never-ending backlog, I'd have tried to get the Fragments that way but well, I'm having tons of fun using the strategy guide.

Looking for the Fragments is also making me farm tons of Crystanium Points so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna max out both Noel and Serah at some point and if I get enough Monsters Materials I might even fully level up my favorite monsters. Cool! Also, if everything goes OK I could finish the DLC campaigns in the process. I'll be making some updates about the quest as I continue it. Also expect some Atelier Rorona and Gravity Rush posts soon.

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