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I finished Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus last night. It was very cool and I still think it's one of the best, if not THE best, action game out there. So I'll start working on my huge backlog of games now. Counting from the N64 to the PS3 and including the portable consoles (DS, PSP, 3DS and even Vita) I have roughly about fifty games that are either unfinished, sealed or that I never actually started at all. This is retarded, I can't go on having all those and not even know what they're about so I'll take the summer "vacation" opportunity to do something about it and at least reduce the backlog in about fifteen games. 

There are too many, just too many of them but I kinda want to get different genres out at the same time so I'll probably just start Atelier Rorona on the PS3 while I work on Gravity Rush on the Vita and maybe Alice: Madness Returns on the 360 (I'm playing my 360 a lot lately). I don't really know which ones I'll work with first but I'm sure I want to get at the very least two of them out at the same time. 

I'm gonna make a list of the entire backlog in the Gaming Projects tab on the upper part of the blog so I can easily keep track of everything. I hope everything goes right and I manage to finish many of the games I've gotten lately.

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