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THEATRHYTHM Final Fantasy in my hands!

God, that word is a pain in the ass to write, but anyway, I got the game and every time I play it I feel like I'm about to cry. Theatrhythm is a rhythm game for Final Fantasy music. You choose a party made up of four FF heroes (Like Cloud, Bartz, Squall, etc) and play a song that can either be a battle (for battle music), a walk in the fields (for field and town music) and event video (for main themes and such). It covers every game from the main series from FFI to FFXIII, spin-off and sequels like X-2, Crisis Core and XIII-2 aren't included sadly but it's still a great game.

It has five songs from each game, some of them are the original 8-bit beats like the battle theme from Final Fantasy I or the AMAZING song "Rebel Army" from Final Fantasy II while others are the more modern and iconic songs from the recent games like "To Zanarkand" from FFX and "Saber's Edge" from Lightnings's FFXIII. 

This game really makes me feel happy. I've always been a fan of the music in the franchise to the point where I usually just play the soundtrack of one of the games while I write, study or drive. So having a game focusing on it is like a blessing. 

The graphics are amazing and the soundtrack, oh well, the entire game revolves around it. It's FF music, the best in the industry (with Halo's coming a close second), the best five themes from each game and I don't think it could be better. Be warned though, this is a game that feels like it was made for and only for FF fans. It has many easter eggs and if you haven't played some of the games you won't recognize many enemies in the Battle stages or simply won't feel any connection to a protagonist whose game you haven't played. 

According to what I've seen there are other characters that can be unlocked and I think they include Snow, Vivi, Yuna, Rydia and others. I hope it's true because I'd definitely include them to my party. I'm currently playing with Lightning, Cloud, Bartz and Terra. I'll of course keep the post related to the game coming as I unlock more content in it. 

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