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Dead or Alive 5 balance footage (combo video #2)

Hmm I don't know why I didn't post this earlier in the day but anyway, Shimbori-san has uploaded another combo video to show the work done with DOA5's gameplay. This time, we get to see guaranteed combos for characters like Ayane, Bass, Hayate and my new main, Tina. Who also got a very, very sexy idle stance that fits her perfectly. 

According to my buddies at FreeStepDodge, the first parts of the stun threshold will still be holdable, like in DOA4 but sit-down, limbo and back-turned stuns won't. Besides that, the Critical Burst mechanic where the defender is put in a completely unholdable stun is available to guarantee tons of damage to each character. 

Enjoy the video and pre-order the game. You get bikinis for it!

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